With a population of 176,588, Chattanooga, TN is ranked as one of the South’s top travel destinations. In fact, the New York Times named Chattanooga TN one of the “Top 45 Places to go" in the World.


Chattanooga is known as one of the crown jewels of the sustainability movement worldwide. A network of parks and greenways are expanding through and around the city. Visitors to Chattanooga can take advantage of free electric bus shuttles around downtown, and if they come with electric cars or hybrids, they can take advantage of free solar charging stations. If they go to the Majestic 12 Cinema downtown, they’ll experience a building that’s made 100% from recycled materials. Even the toilets use rainwater. Within barely 25 miles of the city, trail heads welcome hikers, trail runners and mountain bikers to more than 100 miles of single-track trails—most built by volunteers over the past 10 years. Forest service roads nearly double that. The city is also a popular destination for rock climbing, paddling, and wildlife viewing, and the city is putting increased focus on bicycle tourism, as Chattanooga becomes a nexus for the U.S. Bicycle Route System in the Southeast.


Chattanooga is the first city in the Western Hemisphere to offer 10-gigabit-per-second fiber optic internet service to all residents and businesses. At hundreds of times the speed of the national average, the Gig opens the door to unimagined ways of learning, playing and conducting business.


The city is growing each and every year as a hotspot for sustainable tourism. And it's not hard to see why people so easily fall in love with the accurately dubbed, "Scenic City." It's one of those "old school America" towns that happens to have the population of a city. It's not traditional "Southern" in any sense of the stereotype. Bow ties and Sperry boat shoes are replaced by tie dye and bare feet; McDonald's is replaced by mom and pop organic cafes and any sense of pretension is replaced by a genuine "love and help thy neighbor" type vibe. Every Friday and Saturday evening between late spring and early autumn, Chattanooga's welcome visitors and enjoy free live music, delicious bites, and the opportunity to celebrate this glorious world with their neighbors at Nightfall.






A metropolitan city with forests and fjord.


Between the Oslofjord and the forests lies Norway’s capital and largest city, with its vibrant social scene and special combination of nature experiences and city life.


Oslo is one of Europe’s fastest-growing cities, with a population approaching 700,000 and new neighborhoods with eye-catching architecture are popping up. The largest city in Norway is quickly transforming into a cosmopolitan hub with an abundance of world-class museums, restaurants and art, but still maintains the relaxed atmosphere of a much smaller town.


The city is nestled between the Oslofjord and hundreds of square miles of forested hills, and is a green city in more ways than one. The compact city center is easily explored on foot or by bike, and an efficient public transport system makes the whole city accessible without a car.


Norway’s capital since 1814, Oslo is home to the Norwegian government and the Royal Family.


The country’s largest cultural institutions, which include the Norwegian Opera & Ballet, the National Theatre and the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, present first-rate art exhibitions and opera, ballet and theatre performances.


Live music is a big part of the city’s identity, and every year Oslo’s clubs and arenas host thousands of concerts that showcase the talents of everyone from local bands to international superstars. Several large pop and rock festivals are held every summer, and there are annual festivals for genres ranging from chamber music to heavy metal.



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